Age of online movies

In early days people used to watch TV by using antennas as time passed and technology improved people began to use cable TV. After a certain period of time came the dishes where people get many channels as options and as technology further improved here comes the age of Internet and after 2016 India became the country with very fast and cheap Internet and people who used to watch movies in cinema started to watch online movies.

How online movies grow?-

Cinema halls gave us many good memories but as internet came people becomes lazy and now they wanted to watch movies in their homes in a cozy environment so they go the option of online movies. And in 2019 when corona hits the world and all countries went in quarantine mode and all theaters, PVRs and Cinemas were closed many streaming apps(SAs) come forward and tried to give content to audience. Many SAs give a large amount of money to movie production houses to release movie and people give money to those apps so they can watch movies online and online movies grow significantly, especially in India as almost everybody have access to internet at very low rates. Streaming apps come with different-different schemes and plans so they can gather more and more audience. And as people don’t have option to go outside people beginning to show more and more interest in online movies.


Other options to watch online movies-

Although SAs are very good medium to watch online movies but they charge a significant amount which many people can’t pay in that case people go for a different route and that is third party apps and websites. There are hundreds of apps and websites which provide users with movies and don’t take any charge. Even though third party apps and websites are illegal as they are like a breaker in earning money for movie production houses but people still use them as they give users many movies for free.

Pros and cons-

Benefit of online movies is that people can watch movies from any genre without going far away distances. They have to give money one time a month and they can watch hundreds of movies and don’t have to waste much money but some cons are that due to Online movies cinemas suffered big loss and with them many people too as they lose jobs.

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